Archbishop who resigned amid allegations of sex abuse cover-up resurfaces in Michigan

John Nienstedt resigned as head of the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis in 2015 after he allegedly ignored repeated warnings of a sexually abusive priest. He has now taken a temporary position at a church in Michigan, to the alarm of parishioners.

Deposition of Archbishop John Nienstedt

Beginning on January 6, St. Philip Catholic Church in Battle Creek invited Nienstedt to assist with saying masses and other duties within the Diocese of Kalamazoo while his friend, Father John Fleckenstein, attends to health issues and other projects for the diocese. read more

2% of Catholic priests are pedophiles – Pope

An Italian newspaper has quoted the Pope as saying that “about two percent” of Roman Catholic priests are pedophiles. The Pontiff allegedly said that child sex abuse is “a leprosy in our house” and promised solutions to priests’ enforced celibacy. read more