Asteroid with power of 1BILLION tns of TNT to pass staggeringly close to US on Friday 13

FEARS a major known potentially hazardous asteroid, named after the Egyptian god of evil, darkness and destruction, that could wipe out a country will hit Earth are going viral online.

Asteroid-USAAsteroid Apophis is coming in so close to Earth it will pass UNDERNEATH communications satellites and its trajectory will be affected by our planet’s gravitational pull, says NASA.

In just 13 years – on Friday April 13th 2929 to be precise – Apophis will pass us as close as 18,300 miles away, inside the orbit of geosynchronous satellites which follow Earth’s orbit.

It is set to be right over the Mid-Atlantic states of the USA and will be so near you can watch it zoom past without a telescope.

a NASA report said it would appear: “To the naked eye as a moderately bright point of light moving rapidly across the sky. Depending on its mechanical nature, it could experience shape or spin-state alteration due to tidal forces caused by Earth’s gravity field.”

The closest estimate is it will pass less than a tenth of the distance between us and the Moon.

The pass is so close that at one stage NASA feared the gravitational pull of the Earth could draw it one for a possible direct hit seven years later in 2036. read more