China to attack Taiwan ‘the day a US warship visits’: diplomat

A CHINESE diplomat has threatened the United States, saying the day one of its warships visits Taiwan is the day Beijing will launch an invasion.

“The day that a US Navy vessel arrives in Kaohsiung, is the day that our People’s Liberation Army unites Taiwan with military force,” Chinese diplomat Li Kexin is quoted as telling an embassy event in the United States.

Taiwan News reports the outburst comes after US Congress approved legislation allowing US and Taiwanese naval ships and military officials to visit each other’s territories.

Taiwan is considered by China to be its sovereign territory. But the island remains under control of the Republic of China after its government fled there in 1949 during the Chinese Civil War which saw the mainland fall to Communist forces.

The subject of the island’s independence been an international diplomatic quagmire ever since.

Minister Li said any visit by the US Navy to Taiwan would violate Beijing’s Anti-Secession Law, which was imposed in 2005 in response to renewed pressure within Taiwan to assert its independence. read more

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A Chinese diplomat’s insulting words invite a vigorous response from the U.S. The United States Navy will be making a port call in Taiwan in the near future. The only questions that remain are where, when, and how many ships of what type will drop anchor or tie up at Taiwanese piers. Of course, this may cause a war to break out in Asia, but it won’t be one of the United States’ making. We owe this troubling possibility to a China whose rising sense of anticipatory greatness is at odds with its capacity to execute a successful war. Hubris stimulated a Chinese official, Li Kexin, who is attached to its embassy in Washington, D.C., to threaten war against the United States. read more