China shows off new ‘Guam Killer’ missile, as tensions with US rise

China has unveiled a new intermediate-range ballistic missile that it claims can strike the US territory of Guam or its warships at sea. The show of strength comes as both countries square off over Taiwan.

The Сhinese government revealed footage of the Dongfeng-26 ballistic missile on state television on Sunday, according to the South China Morning Post. The missile was previously seen at a military parade in Beijing in 2015, and has officially been in service since last April, but has not yet been seen in action.

With a range of 3,000km to 5,741km (1,864 to 3,567 miles), the missile would be capable of striking targets in the US territory of Guam, or US aircraft carriers in the Pacific Ocean or South China Sea. The Dongfeng-26 can be fired from a mobile transporter, and can carry a 1,200kg-1,800kg nuclear or conventional warhead.

While the Pentagon has likely known about the missile for several years, the video reveal is “an attempt to reinforce the notion that the PLA has the capability to sink US carriers and inflict unacceptable damage on American forces,” China researcher Adam Ni told the SCMP.

“The latest drills are just another signal to the US about the prevails of escalation, including by intervening militarily in support of Taiwan against China,” Ni continued. “We are likely to see more [of these drills] if bilateral relations worsen.” read more