Fear Gripped Residents As Two Volcanoes Located On The Same Tectonic Plate Simultaneously Erupted

volcanic-eruption-indonesia-and-russiaThe simultaneous eruption of Mount Egon, located in Eastern Indonesia, and Mount Zhupanovsky, located in the Eastern Coast of Russia, resulted to mass evacuations of residents in the surrounding areas. The fact that both volcanoes are located on the Philippine Plate is enough to elicit fears of impending tsunamis and earthquakes, albeit both are miles apart.

According to Express, there were more than 1,200 people were evacuated in Indonesia following the eruption of Mount Egon, which is regarded as a very active volcano. Residents living in the Eastern Flores Island were provided with gas masks in anticipation of more volcanic activity.

In Russia, lava was spewed five miles upwards by Mount Zhupanovsky. They expect the incident to adversely interfere with air traffic, not only in Russia but also in neighboring countries as movements of ash clouds towards the Pacific Ocean were observed.

Subsequent to the eruption of Mount Zhupanovsky, a code orange was issued by the Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (IVS). The code, which means that an eruption is expected, was meant for the Kamchatka area, and for pilots to cease from flying near the danger zone.  read more