Flint Water Crisis - What the White House Says

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Police become door-to-door water delivery men in Flint as White House watches crisis

flint-water-policeMichigan State Police troopers will deliver bottles of water and water filters door-to-door in response to Flint’s contaminated water crisis, while the White House says it is watching the public health emergency “very closely.”

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder said “water resource teams” composed of state personnel, including state troopers, would begin the distribution on Tuesday.

“If a resident is not home when a team stops by, a flyer with information on how to receive these free water resources will be left at their residence,” said Governor Snyder in a press release on Sunday.

Flint’s contaminated water problem began in April of 2014, when, in a cost cutting measure under a state-appointed emergency manager, the city switched from Detroit’s water supply to water from the Flint River.

Despite the water having high salt content, it was piped untreated into homes and offices. The salt corroded the lead in the pipes, causing the water to become contaminated. Residents then began complaining about dirty water with a bad smell and taste, as record high lead levels started appearing in the blood samples of children. The city switched back to Detroit’s water supply in October, but only after months of complaints and protest from residents, who were angry that the government had ignored alarms raised by doctors and scientists. read more