Moscow: US ever-expanding missile shield creates illusion of impunity, leads to dangerous escalation

The US wants to have the entire globe under its missile defense dome, Russia says, which is disproportionate to any potential threat and disrupts international security systems, ultimately pushing the world to greater instability.

“Reckless development of the missile defense system by the US could have dire consequences for the international security system not only in the Euro-Atlantic region but in the Asia-Pacific one as well,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement. It added that the US policy in this field has turned into “one of the major obstacles to the further nuclear disarmament” and created “dangerous conditions for a renewed arms race.”

Washington did not slow down the development of its missile defense system after it, together with five other major international powers, reached a deal with Iran on its nuclear program back in 2015, even though the Iranian nuclear program was presented by the US as the major reason for the deployment of missile defense systems in Europe, the ministry noted. In the meantime, the US global missile shield has already become “disproportionate” to any potential threats, it added.

The missile defense systems deployed across the world appear to be “parts of a dangerous global project aimed at ensuring the US overwhelming military superiority at the expense of other nations’ security,” the statement said. They “change the strategic balance of power in the field of offensive weapons” and pose “serious risks of global instability.” read more