North Korea plans to fire THOUSANDS of ROCKETS on Seoul amid World War 3 threat

NORTH KOREA would unleash “thousands” of strikes on its neighbours on South Korea as the rogue state makes a devastating start to any potential conflict, warns a security expert.

North Korea will go to war when it feels threatened, according to a stark warning from security expert David Maxwell.

The associate director of the centre for security studies at Georgetown University has previously patrolled the Korean Demilitarised Zone and helped create plans for the outbreak of World War 3.

Speaking on BBC Radio 4’s Analysis programme, Col. Maxwell warned the war could be started by a simple “miscalculation” from North Korea’s despot leader Kim Jong-un.

Kim Jong-un has threatened to strike US territory with nuclear weapons as he ramps up his testing and production of an intercontinental ballistic missile arsenal.

US President Donald Trump promised to “totally destroy” North Korea if the hermit nation does launch a deadly strike on the USA or one of its allies.

Col. Maxwell described how he foresees the outbreak of war on the Korean Peninsula, predicting 64,000 fatalities in the first day alone.

He said: “If I am a North Korea commander I would unleash the firepower of my artillery and inflict as much death and destruction on the South as I can.

“In the first hours, there will be hundreds of thousands of artillery rounds and rockets fired to the South, and many of them into Seoul.”

Shells would start raining on South Korea within minutes, according to Col. Maxwell, who also said no matter what safety preparations Seoul have made they will struggle to deal with a North Korean strike.

He said: “Of course, many people won’t get the word, won’t believe it. Many people will be caught out in the open or caught in buildings that will end up being rubbled.

“Projections of initial casualties, there would be 64,000 people killed on the first day.” read more