Unusual even for El Nino: What's kept this winter so warm?

Between feeble western disturbances and a growing Godzilla El Nino, India’s food security is being threatened by a warm winter.

“We don’t have any rain, we don’t have any snow, we don’t have any chilling,” said Ravinder Chauhan from Shimla. Chauhan is the president of the Apple Growers Association of India and has been watching the winter weather closely. So far, the news is not good. Since mid-October the hills have been uncharacteristically hot. Typically, temperatures should range between a daily minimum of zero degree Celsius and a maximum of below 15 degree Celsius – ideal for a good apple crop.

“Temperature these days is above 20[degree Celsius] and in the nighttime it is around 7-8 [degree Celsius],” Chauhan said. “There is a great fluctuation, which is harmful for the crop. It was very hot during the daytime and above normal, more like Delhi, Chandigarh and other parts of the plains.” read more