US, Britain & France ready to strike Syria-Russia & China Warn of Grave Consequences

This Is Not a Drill: Syria Showdown Could Spark Israeli-Iranian and U.S.-Russian Clashes

This is not a drill, as Prime Minister Netanyahu made clear to his cabinet colleagues on Wednesday. The situation in Israel’s north is tense and explosive. After seven years of horrid civil war, Syria is turning into a confrontation zone between Israel and Iran, on the regional level, and Russia and the West, on the global level. The expected American retaliation for the chemical weapon attackcarried out last weekend at Douma can start a chain reaction that could lead to escalation, if not conflagration.

Russia’s tone has changed. Moscow has uncharacteristically and harshly chastised Israel for its bombing of the suspected Iranian installation in Syria’s T-4 air base near Palmyra. The Kremlin has unusually and pointedly warned the United States not to carry out a punitive raid against its client Syria, explicitly threatening to intercept U.S. missiles. read more

Russian warplanes ‘HARASS US destroyer near Syria’ as tensions reach BREAKING POINT

A RUSSIAN warplane “harassed” a US destroyer loaded with tomahawk missiles near Syria today, according to Turkish news agency IHA, as tensions soar after a chemical gas attack on Syrian civilians allegedly carried out by Assad’s regim

The USS Donald Cook, a Raleigh Burke-Class missile destroyer, was shadowed by the Russian planes around 100km from Tartus on Syria’s Mediterranean coast, according to reports.

The American warship had left the port of Larnaca in Cyprus, when it was allegedly approached by the Russian plane shortly afterwards, news agency IHA claims.

The news comes after a Russian warplane flew over a French warship at low altitude in the eastern Mediterranean over the weekend in a deliberate breach of international regulations, a French naval source told Reuters.

The incidents came amid heightened tensions between Russia, Syria, and the US following Syria’s suspected chemical weapons attack on April 7. read more