US reacts to Chinese bombers ‘practicing bombing runs on Guam’

US officials have blasted China for staging mock nuclear attack runs on its major Pacific military facilities ahead of a visit by President Trump.

PRACTICE bombing runs by Chinese aircraft on US bases in the Pacific is ‘not in China’s interest’, US officials have warned.

The US Defense Department has criticised recent long-range test flights of Beijing’s H-6K bombers into waters surrounding its Pacific territories of Guam and Hawaii.

The latest flight came just days before US President Donald Trump embarked on his tour of Asia — including China.

Officials told a briefing of journalists travelling with US Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Joseph Dunford that the nuclear capable bombers had been conducting ‘not infrequent’ flights near the strategic mid-Pacific naval and air force facilities.

They had also been observed practising ‘attacks on Guam’.

This has US defence officials taking notice.

The move by Beijing comes as Guam acts as a forward staging post for frequent flights of US strategic bombers over and around South Korea in response to Kim Jong-un’s rising rhetoric in the north.

But the US B-1B ‘Lancer’ bombers, along with advanced radar and antimissile of the THAAD system deployed to South Korea, has Beijing protesting the increased military presence of the US in its regional backyard. read more