World War 3: Donald Trump battle with North Korea could WIPE OUT US army warns analyst

N. Korea tells U.S. to take nuclear test threat ‘literally’

A WAR between the US and North Korea could wipe out Washington’s military, according to a political analyst.

Donald Trump and the United States might not “have enough people” for a war with North Korea and its leader Kim Jong-un, Steve Schmidt said.

Republican Mr Schmidt added there would be “more dead Americans in the first five minutes” of a war with the hermit state than the whole of the last 17 years in conflict in Afghanistan and Iraq.

He said this could amount to “a million casualties” on day one.

Speaking on MSNBC, Mr Schmidt said: “What we’re talking about here is something of an order of a different magnitude.

“The estimates are, on the Korean peninsula, on the occasion of the second Korean war, that there would be a million casualties on the first day.

“There’ll be more dead Americans in the first five minutes of a second Korean war than there have been killed, total casualties, in the last 17 years of war in Afghanistan and Iraq.

“We’ve had no discussion in this country about casualties, about what a second Korean war looks like, the current size of the US military.

“Would we need to have a draft in the United States to augment the forces because when you activate all of our forces including Reserve and National Guard components, it may be the case that we don’t have enough people for the second Korean war.” read more

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