World War 3: North Korea warns US will have to PUT UP with its nuclear weapons

NORTH Korea has warned the US will have to put up with its nuclear weapons as Pyongyang vowed to fight “fire with fire”.

At a non-proliferation conference in Moscow, a North Korean official said it would not hesitate to launch nuclear missiles at America if provoked.

Fears of World War 3 breaking out have been high for weeks after the secretive state launched a series of missiles and carried out is sixth, most powerful, nuclear test.

The tensions have led to a series of angry outbursts from US President Donald Trump, who hinted at military action.

North Korea, meanwhile, has accused him of declaring war and shown no sign of backing down.

And today, Choe Son-hui, director-general of the North American Department of the country’s Foreign Ministry said there would be no negotiations over its weapons, Russia Today reported. read more