World War 3 threat: North Korea warns Trump is pushing US to 'TOTAL DESTRUCTION'

NORTH Korea has sent a chilling warning to the United States declaring Donald Trump’s war of words with Kim Jong-un will lead to the “total destruction” of America.

The latest threat from Kim Jong-un’s rogue state was delivered through state media Rodong Sinmum.

In an extraordinary attack, North Korea branded the US President “the boss of hooligans and gangsters.” 

And Kim’s mouthpiece warned Mr Trump is “driving the destiny of the U.S. doomed to ruin into bottomless abyss of total destruction.”

It said: “Recently the US and the South Korean puppet forces staged a combined drill for infiltrating into enemy camp for preemptive attack at strategic objects in the north and introduced a field artillery brigade to South Korea from the US mainland to fire artillery shells.

“Meanwhile, a formation of B-1B nuclear strategic bombers flew over international waters of the East Sea of Korea in a show of force”.

“What matters is the US saber-rattling coincides with the reckless remarks made by Trump, the boss of hooligans and gangsters, at the UN arena that he would totally destroy the DPRK.”

Kim Jong-un is known to use state media to spout fiery tirades against the United States. 

And the commentary from Rodong Sinmum added: “Under the situation no one can vouch that the frantic war drills in south Korea will not lead to an actual war.

“Although the Trump clans are frantically introducing the nuclear strategic assets into south Korea, the army and people of the DPRK regard this action as last-ditch efforts and bluff of the weak fools. read more