Israel Fuming Over West’s Promise to Protect Iran’s Nuclear Facilities

benjamin-netanyahu1Israel reacted in anger Monday to a hidden detail in the Iran nuclear deal which promises Western support and training to protect Iranian nuclear facilities from attack or sabotage, Israeli media reported.

According to Israel Hayom, the commitment in Article 10 did not appear in draft versions of the agreement. Israel National News noted it was buried on page 142 of the 159-page agreement.

“The US has to protect Iran as it pursues nuclear weapons because its program is allegedly civilian?” one senior official in Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office fumed.

Iran’s nuclear program, which the Islamic Republic claims is peaceful in nature but which most Western allies doubt, has been subject to several sabotage attempts in the past, some successful. The crippling Stuxnet virus cyber-attack in 2010 has been popularly attributed to either Israel or US President Barack Obama. Now, the P5+1 are promising to help Iran defend against such attacks.

Article 10 appears in a section titled “Reactors, Fuels, Facilities, and Processes,” and stipulates that the P5+1 powers and Iran will foster “cooperation through training and workshops to strengthen Iran’s ability to protect against, and respond to, nuclear security threats, including sabotage, as well as to enable effective and sustainable nuclear security and physical protection systems.”

According to National Infrastructure, Energy and Water Resources Minister Yuval Steinitz, Article 10 is disconcerting because it is open to interpretation. Israel, he said, was focusing on “illustrating the fundamental deficiencies in the deal, such as in the provisions detailing oversight over Iran’s nuclear facilities, which require that [International Atomic Energy Agency] inspectors give Iran 24 days’ notice. It’s a joke.” read more…