Christian Quiz

Do you know your beliefs? Following are 20 basic Christian questions. All you need to do is write down the answers to the questions, and when you are done, click on the Answers Page at the end of this test and find out how you did. Of course, there are a lot more questions that could be asked, but these will serve as a sample.

Also, some of the questions deal with essential Christian beliefs. In other words, if you deny them, then you are not a Christian. Do you know which ones are essentials? Take a Christian Quiz…

1. How many Gods are there in the universe?

  • A. One
  • B. Two
  • C. One God in three persons
  • D. A completely false doctrine

2. The Trinity is . . .

  • A. Three separate Gods
  • B. One God who took 3 consecutive forms
  • C. One God in three persons
  • D. A completely false doctrine

3. Jesus is . . .

  • a. A. God in flesh
  • B. An angel who became a man
  • C. A good man
  • D. A great prophet


4. How many natures does Jesus have?

  • A. One
  • B. Two
  • C. Three
  • D. More

5. The Holy Spirit is . . .

  • A. An invisible force like radar
  • B. divine spark in all of us
  • C. Third person in the Trinity
  • D. A god

6. Sin is . . .

  • A. There is no sin
  • B. A misinterpretation of reality
  • C. A state of mind
  • D. Breaking God’s Law

7. Human nature is basically. . .

  • A. Good
  • B. Sinful
  • C. Neutral
  • D. Divine

8. In what manner did Jesus rise from the dead?

  • A. As a spirit
  • B. In the same body he died in
  • C. He did not rise from the dead
  • D. The disciples made up the resurrection story

9. Hell is . . .

  • A. Right here on earth
  • B. A state of mind
  • C. A place of eternal fire and torment
  • D. The disciples made up the resurrection story

10. Heaven is . . .

  • A. Right here on earth
  • B. A state of mind
  • C. A place of eternal joy and peace with God
  • D. There is no heaven

11. Salvation is . . .

  • A. A condition of mental awareness
  • B. Within our own essence
  • C. Universal resurrection
  • D. Deliverance from the eternal consequence of sin: damnation

12. Salvation is attained by . . .

  • A. Grace through faith after all you can do
  • B. Grace through faith
  • C. A state of your mind
  • D. Obeying all of God’s laws

13. The Devil is . . .

  • A. An equal and opposing force to God
  • B. Not real
  • C. A figment of people’s minds
  • D. An angel who rebelled against God

14. The Bible is . . .

  • A. The inspired word of God
  • B. A nice history book
  • C. Full of contradictions and errors
  • D. A story book of metaphors

15. The Rapture is . . .

  • A. A serious head rush
  • B. A New Age meditation philosophy
  • C. The catching up of God’s people into the sky at Jesus’ return.
  • D. An Old Testament Jewish feast

16. Adam and Eve . . .

  • A. Were the first man and woman created by God
  • B. We’re evolutionary representatives of homo sapiens
  • C. Are mythological figures
  • D. Never existed

17. How many ways are there to God?

  • A. Just one. Through Jesus
  • B. Many ways
  • C. As many ways as there are people
  • D. It depends on the religion

18. When you die . . .

  • A. You go to purgatory
  • B. You go to heaven or hell
  • C. You don’t exist anymore
  • D. You are reincarnated

19. Evolution . . .

  • A. Is how we got here
  • B. Is not a viable option for Christians
  • C. God used evolution to bring man into existence
  • D. Proves there is no God

20. Why did God create us? . . .

  • A. As an experiment
  • B. He was bored
  • C. To save us, love us, and have us love Him
  • D. For pawns in his cosmic game

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