Fukushima - Continued

A Precibus “Catastrophic Event”, as defined by Propheciesfordummies.com, is any one event leading to the start of destruction, ultimatey the fall of modern civilization. This page is intended to provide a comprehensive list of all plausible events of this nature in todays news. If we have not listed one such event, please feel free to contact us. Eventually we would like to link each event to its own page which would show itself prominent in nature.

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Radiation at Fukushima nuclear plant at unimaginable levels

The Last Farmer in Fukushima’s Post-Nuclear Wasteland:

Hiroaki Koide: “The Trouble with Nuclear Power”

Radiation levels hit record high at crippled plant

Fukushima’s radioactive fuel rods
Japan begins extracting fuel rods
Most Dangerous Moment?
Fukushima Raging Radiation
Fukushima is collapsing
Fukushima Danger Explained
Scientists brace for riskiest