Heavens and Earth

A Precibus “Catastrophic Event”, as defined by Propheciesfordummies.com, is any one event leading to the start of destruction, ultimatey the fall of modern civilization. This page is intended to provide a comprehensive list of all plausible events of this nature in todays news. If we have not listed one such event, please feel free to contact us. Eventually we would like to link each event to its own page which would show itself prominent in nature.

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Ezekiel 33:1-6

1 This message came to me from the LORD: 2 “Son of Man, speak to your nation’s children and tell them: ‘If I bring wara to a land, and the people of that land appoint one of their conscripted menb to serve as a sentinel, 3 and if he notices that violencec is approaching and sounds an alarm to warn the people, 4 then if anyone who hears the sound of the alarm does not heed the warning, when the sword arrives and destroys him, his shed blood will remain his own responsibility.d 5 After all, he heard the alarm sounding, but did not heed the warning, so his shed blood will remain his own responsibility.e If he had heeded the warning, he would have saved himself.f 6 If that sentinel notices that violence is approaching, but does not sound an alarm, then because the nation does not take warning and the sword arrives and destroys their lives because of their guilt, I’ll seek retribution for their shed blood from theg one who was acting as sentinel.’”