Christian hospital manager dies after motorcycle acid attack

Gujranwala: September 19, 2018. (PCP) A Christian manager of a local hospital in Lahore was killed after being targeted in an acid attack whilst getting off his motorcycle just before the start of his shift. The men who attacked him wore masks and so far remain unidentified despite numerous witnesses for the attack.

Faraz Ahmed Badar aged 26 years resided in Gujaranwala and after the attack was immediately taken into the private hospital of his employment, but later rushed to DHQ Hospital Gujaranwala. Due to the severity of his injuries he was transferred to Mayo Hospital, Lahore. Neither hospital has a special burns unit and despite the best efforts of medical staff his health deteriorated daily, leading to his eventual death on 15th September 2018. Both Hospitals have reported that the body of Faraz Badar was litterd with signs of torture which seems to have been undertaken after the chemical was sprayed upon him, on what is being described as an extremely brutal and callous attack.

Faraz was a young graduate in Pharmacy and had been working at DHQ Hospital in Gujaranwala for about two years. On September 5th at around 2 a.m, when he was going home from the hospital some unknown assailants sprayed acid upon him”. This is not the first time Faraz has been attacked and there were indications of previous torture on his body.

BPCA officer Zeeshan Masih, visited the family before his death and were able to speak to his father Badar Masih (48 yrs), he said: “There was a lot of jealousy at his place of employment, we live in a dog eat dog culture where often Christians become the victims because of their vulnerable status.

“My son was regularly abused by Muslim’s who could not stand the fact that a Christian man was in a position senior to them. read more