Christian persecution: Fury after graves 'DESECRATED' as crucifix 'attacked with hammer'

CHRISTIAN tombs in a Indonesian cemetery have been brutally vandalised and destroyed, amid rising fears of a worldwide crackdown on Christianity.

Indonesian police in Magelang are carrying out investigations after 11 Christian tombs were desecrated at a public cemetery in Giriloyo, in a perceived attack against the religious group. The graveyard’s local gatekeeper informed the police after noticing several tombs were damaged in the final days of 2018. Wooden crosses were removed from burial stones, and burial stones were smashed with a hammer, destroying parts of the burial site. Seven Christian graves in two public cemeteries across the South Magelang sub-district were also damaged.

According to Police Captain Choirul Anwar, the motive of the perpetrators is unknown.

The attack comes just two weeks after a cross above a dead Catholic man’s grave was destroyed, before his burial at a public cemetery in Yogyakarta province.

According to reports, the family of the dead man and local villagers came to an agreement to remove the cross, to avoid angering local extremists because the man’s body was being buried in a Muslim cemetery. read more