Churchwarden faces jail for importing ‘obscene’ child sex doll

A former primary school governor has been found guilty of importing an “obscene” life-sized child sex doll into Britain. A surge in seizures of such dolls by border officials has led investigators to identify previously-unknown suspected pedophiles.

Churchwarden David Turner, 72, of Ramsgate, Kent, also admitted to possessing more than 34,000 images of child abuse. Some contained images of children as young as three.

Although he admitted importing and having sex with the 3ft 10in (117cm) doll – which is anatomically detailed and correct – he asked a judge for a ‘trial of issue’ to decide whether being in possession of a child sex doll was “indecent” or “obscene”in law.

When NCA officers searcher Turner’s home in December, they found two child sex dolls which he kept in his study, and seized a computer, tablets and external hard drives. read more