German woman jailed for 9yrs for murdering her newborns & keeping bodies in freezer

A 46 year-old German woman was sentenced to nine and a half years in prison for the willful homicide of her two newborn babies. She put the babies in a freezer, and kept their bodies there for 10 and 14 years respectively.
The frozen corpses were discovered in January at the woman’s apartment in Benndorf, a village of 2,000 residents in eastern Germany, after her partner raised the alarm.

In 2004, her hidden pregnancy resulted in the birth of a baby girl, whom the woman promptly put in a plastic bag that, according to her own statement, she had prepared beforehand. Then, still breathing, the baby was left in the freezer to die.

The same scenario was repeated again four years later, in 2008, after the woman gave birth to a baby boy. The autopsy confirmed both children were born healthy. The woman, who has two other, older children, did not attempt to deny her guilt. read more..