‘I Remember the Word of God’: Indian Woman Who Lost Husband, Son Holds to Faith Despite Persecution

The global persecution watch group Open Doors USA recently shared the heart-wrenching story of an Indian woman who tragically lost both her husband and son, and has been mistreated by villagers and family alike for her faith in Christ, but has kept her eyes focused on the Lord and His promises in the midst of her pain.

In 2011, the woman—whose name has not been provided—suffered the loss of her husband. Then, she was fired from her job because she attended church.

In 2016, she lost her five-year-old son from sickle cell anemia.

“I took him to different hospitals for his treatment, but nobody was there to help me, not family members or villagers,” she said. “I had taken my son to the Narayanpur government hospital for treatment, and he never came back home.” read more