Man in Berlin attacked with belt as suspect shouts 'Jew' in Arabic ( Semitism )

Footage has emerged showing the moment that a Jewish man was attacked by a suspect with a belt in Berlin. The attacker called the victim “Yahudi,” an Arabic word for “Jew.”

The person in the video was one of three suspects that insulted two Jewish men in Berlin’s affluent Prenzlauer Berg neighborhood on Monday evening, according to German media. One of the trio was filmed attacking one of the Jewish men with his belt. The attacker can be heard shouting “Yahudi” in the video, an Arabic word for “Jew.”

The Jewish man who was being attacked was accompanied by his friend. Both of them were wearing yarmulkes, also known as kippahs or skull caps.

The suspect is then pulled away by another member of his group. This happens as one of the victims shouts “Jewish or not, you need to deal with it” in German.

Adam Armush, the victim who filmed the incident, told Israel’s Kan public broadcaster that he and his friend weren’t doing anything to provoke the attack, which happened after the men left his house in the direction of a nearby train station. “We weren’t talking with anyone else. Three people came from over there… and started cursing us from over there. read more