Dormant volcano Kadovar wakes with first eruption in known history, spews lava

A DORMANT volcano has woken up and covered up to half its island with lava, sending residents fleeing for safety.

A DORMANT volcano has erupted in spectacular fashion, spewing lava for the first time in known history and sending an ash cloud 2.1 kilometres above sea level.

The volcano, on Kadovar Island northeast of Papua New Guinea, lay dormant until January 5 when it began to erupt at around noon, local media reports. Experts are calling it the “first surprise volcano to erupt in 2018”.

Thick dust, clouds and smoke have carpeted the island, along with showering neighbouring islands with ash as experts race to discover why the volcano sprang to life. The eruption also stripped much of the land on the island.

The volcanic island lay approximately 24 kilometres from the northern coast of mainland Papua New Guinea. read more..,.