Minnesota School Bus Driver Removed From Route for Praying With Students

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. — A school bus driver and pastor in Minnesota was recently removed from his route for praying with students on the way to school.

George Nathaniel, 54, has been driving students to Nasha Shkola charter school for the past year, and over the winter months, he began a tradition of prayer during the trip. The school is focused on Russian culture, and many of the children identify as Christian. Some of their families came to America to escape persecution, reports state.

“The students would volunteer to lead the prayer,” Nathaniel told the Star Tribune.

 He says he informed parents about the prayer practice, so he was surprised last week when he was taken off the route over the matter.Muk Musa, owner of Quality Care Transportation, told the Star Tribune that the school received complaints that Nathaniel “was influencing minors to the point where he was forcing them to pray.”

However, Nathaniel says that while he wants to lead others to Christ and believes that school prayer should be restored, he has never forced anyone to pray. read more