I think these are at least three ways we reveal our readiness.

1.    We continue to walk by faith. Not by sight.
2.    We continue to live in peace/ we do not live worried, hassled lives at present and future.
3.    We rely on hope. The hope that gets us through the tests on earth is the same hope will get us through the grave of death, because the One in whom I have believed has gone before us. He is preparing a place for us. Because He lives, we shall live also.

One day Jesus Christ will come for us. His coming is sure, and He will keep His promises. Since he had conquered death, he will get us beyond the death as well.

If you are ready, the thought of his coming is a comfort. If not it is a dread. The secret of escape is being sure you know the One who get us out of the grave. His coming is sure….Are you?