Prostitute in Hull was selling sex 30mins after giving birth – police

Police in the northern English city of Hull have shared a shocking example of the desperation of UK sex workers. One woman was back on the streets selling sex just 30 minutes after giving birth.

Jacqui Fairbanks, a Police Community Support Officer (PCSO), has been helping the sex workers in Hessle Road for a decade. Speaking to the Hull Daily Mail, she spoke out about the struggles and the stigma the women have to endure.

“Some of these women have come from backgrounds of child abuse, both physical and sexual,” Fairbanks told the paper. “Violence in their lives has been commonplace and many are homeless who just sofa surf.

“Quite a number suffer from mental health problems and there are issues of trafficking and coercion by pimps and boyfriends,” she said.

“The biggest issue is drugs and many of these women are on the streets to pay for theirs and their partner’s next fix.

“One woman had a baby and, within half an hour, was back out on the streets. That’s how desperate some of these women are.” read more…